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El Moulid
El Nil Rsearch, 1990
Documents the festivities surrounding the moulid, a religious celebration in Egypt which honors the birthdays of the dead

Arab diaries
Pt. 2
First Run Icarus Films, 2001

Sara is a 16 year-old Egyptian athlete playing soccer, a game traditionally reserved for men

El Sebou: Egyptian birth ritual
El Nil Rsearch, 1986
This film is about the birth ritual in Egypt called Sebou' (the seventh), held on the 7th day following the physical birth of a child of either sex, and celebrated by Coptic and Muslim families

El Nil Rsearch, 1995
The craft of making ghurbals (thong-meshed sieves used to "winnow" babies on their seventh day as well as to winnow grains for ceremonial dishes) is the focus of this insightful documentary.

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Hello, all!

I am writing to ask the collective wisdom of this list for titles of fairly current cinematic films from Arab countries which show daily life. We have a history professor who is interested in making them available to his students so that they can appreciate the cultures of the Middle East. He is particularly interested in films from Egypt. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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