Re: [Videolib] Questions from a New Video Producer

Ellen Druda (
Tue, 2 Aug 2005 20:39:26 -0400

I work at a public library, school libraries may be different...

> 1) What format do you prefer: DVD or VHS? Is it worth my time and money
> to bother with VHS these days?

DVD only.

> 2) When do libraries make the majority of their purchases? Or is there
> no such time and purchases are made throughout the year?

All year

> 3) How do you decide what to purchase? Do teachers/professors recommend
> titles? Do students or patrons recommend titles? Do librarians make
> their own purchase decisions based on knowledge of their clientele's
> interests? In other words, who should I contact with info about my
> video? Should I contact teachers who I think might use it in their
> curriculum or should I contact librarians directly or both? Should I use
> email or postcards or some other method? Which would you respond to

I look at mailings - postcard prefered. I also listen to my patrons and
take recommendations from them, as well as other librarians.

> 4) What do librarians and those who make purchase decisions think is a
> fair price for educational videos with full public performance rights?
> I've seen the pricing all over the spectrum and would really like to
> hear from librarians themselves about what they consider is a price they
> think is fair for both producer and library.

I won't pay more than $60.

> 5) Regarding public performance rights: which rights do you really need
> and use? I would think public libraries would only need limited rights
> for in-library viewing whereas school libraries would need full rights
> to include group or classroom viewings, right? Are there other rights
> you need? What about the ability to have one paid screening where you
> can charge a small admission for fundraising purposes? What about
> interlibrary loan limitations-- would you buy a video that was cheaper
> but limited your right to make the video available through interlibrary
> loan?

We wouldn't need PPR for something like this.

> 6)Finally, is a video about Georgia's Native American archaeological
> sites of much interest to libraries outside of Georgia? I plan to make
> a series of these videos, one for each southeastern state. Is there
> much interest outside of each state for such a video series?

Too bad you won't come up north! We could use something about the Native
Americans in New York. Schools regularly assign homework and I think people
are interested in general. But I wouldn't buy one that wasn't about New

Good luck!

Ellen Druda in NY (obviously!)

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