[Videolib] Questions from a New Video Producer

Gary Daniels (Gary@interruptProductions.com)
Tue, 02 Aug 2005 15:03:27 -0400

Hi all,

I'm a new educational video producer-- just finished my Master's degree
in film/video production-- and joined this list to hopefully gain some
insights into promoting my master's thesis project to the educational
community. It is a DVD and website devoted to the Native American
civilizations that existed in the state of Georgia before the arrival of

I have some questions that I hope the librarians here would answer for me:

1) What format do you prefer: DVD or VHS? Is it worth my time and money
to bother with VHS these days?

2) When do libraries make the majority of their purchases? Or is there
no such time and purchases are made throughout the year?

3) How do you decide what to purchase? Do teachers/professors recommend
titles? Do students or patrons recommend titles? Do librarians make
their own purchase decisions based on knowledge of their clientele's
interests? In other words, who should I contact with info about my
video? Should I contact teachers who I think might use it in their
curriculum or should I contact librarians directly or both? Should I use
email or postcards or some other method? Which would you respond to better?

4) What do librarians and those who make purchase decisions think is a
fair price for educational videos with full public performance rights?
I've seen the pricing all over the spectrum and would really like to
hear from librarians themselves about what they consider is a price they
think is fair for both producer and library.

5) Regarding public performance rights: which rights do you really need
and use? I would think public libraries would only need limited rights
for in-library viewing whereas school libraries would need full rights
to include group or classroom viewings, right? Are there other rights
you need? What about the ability to have one paid screening where you
can charge a small admission for fundraising purposes? What about
interlibrary loan limitations-- would you buy a video that was cheaper
but limited your right to make the video available through interlibrary

6)Finally, is a video about Georgia's Native American archaeological
sites of much interest to libraries outside of Georgia? I plan to make
a series of these videos, one for each southeastern state. Is there
much interest outside of each state for such a video series?

You can learn more about my project here:

Thanks for any insights you can give me on this whole process. It all
seems a bit overwhelming to me at the moment, so any thoughts you can
give will be GREATLY appreciated,
-Gary Daniels

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