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Holly Sammons (
Tue, 2 Aug 2005 09:31:15 -0400 (EDT)

It seems that most libraries/institutions who order this way should have a
method that skirts the red-tape/paperwork when ordering a small quantity
or dollar amount like the one you're talking about. I think the customer
should be thinking of other ways to make these orders. Petty cash? or
something similar?

At my library, which is in a medium sized market, governed by a county
government in love with red-tape, we're allowed to place orders under $200
dollars quickly with a credit card, skipping the normal 3-part forms,
sending out to bid, getting the pope's blessing and so on.

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> I have just started to return orders when the paperwork involved exceeds
> the
> time to make it worth it. I keep getting orders for one DVD anywhere from
> $15-$25 that come with up to three pages of forms to fill out. We have
> standard tax forms already filled out if needed but these institutions
> require much more. It is NOT worth my time for a single order from an
> institution that we do little or no business with. I return it with a note
> Explaining this and suggesting they try ordering from a wholesaler. I just
> can't deal with this kind of paperwork on that kind of order
> Anyone have any other ideas how to handle this ?
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