[Videolib] French films and public performance

Gail Fedak (gfedak@mtsu.edu)
Fri, 29 Jul 2005 15:31:43 -0500

I have a faculty member who is planning a small French film festival this
fall and is applying for a grant from the French American Cultural Exchange
(FACE) to rent the titles she wants to use. I suggested purchasing the
titles and using the grant money for public performance rights. I've found
sources for all but one of the titles, but suspect that renting them will be
easier and less expensive than trying to secure rights for them.
Recommendations from those who have planned this type of event before will
be appreciated. She wants to use 5 of these titles:

…loge de l'amour, Jean-Luc Godard, 2001 (Amazon)
Les Choristes, Christophe Barratier, 2005 (Amazon)
Le Grand Voyage, IsmaŽl Ferroukhi, 2004 (no distributor found)
Il est plus facile pour un chameau, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, 2003 (Amazon)
Moolaade, Ousmane Sembene, 2004 (Amazon - not yet released, can pre-order)
Pas Sur La Bouche, Alain Resnais, 2003 (Amazon.fr)

Thanks in advance,

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