[Videolib] Unavailable videos

Fri, 22 Jul 2005 11:10:38 -0700

Hello all,

We have the Rock and Roll video series from 1995; it was coproduced by
WGBH Boston and the BBC. It's used a lot by music faculty. One of them
came in the other day trying to figure out 1)How he could buy his own
copy and 2)If it's available on DVD.

I called and found out that it's "no longer available". They don't have
the right to sell it anymore.

So...we're "stuck", right? Once our worn VHS copies are damaged, we're
out of luck forever? We can't make backup copies of them or transfer
them to DVD?

Just checking.


Gerie Ventura
Highline Community College
Library, Media Services
Des Moines, Washington (not Iowa) 98198
e-mail: gventura@highline.edu

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