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Subject: Re: [Videolib] Need Latino Community and AIDS/HIV Documentaries
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If you are looking for a documentary about Latinos living -- let me
suggest GOING TO SCHOOL - IR A LA ESCUELA (closed captions) a bilingual
documentary about inclusive education, special education and empowering
children with disabilities. http://www.richardcohenfilms.com

"Excellent for research purposes and a fantastic tool to use with
undergraduates to introduce the intersections of disability, race,
ethnicity, gender and power. Compelling and intellectually rigorous."
-- Dr. Lesley Bogad, Educational Studies, Rhode Island College

"The Latino emphasis on family involvement is also at the forefront of
this excellent film."PROYECTO VISION (link to review at website)

"Awesome...One of the best films I've seen on on the issue of schools
and accessibility."
Naomi Ortiz, KASA (Kids as Self Advocates)

"Highly recommended...for inservice training of teaching professionals,
as well as required viewing for student teachers."
EDUCATIONAL MEDIA REVIEWS ONLINE (see website for link to full review)

"Poignant...invaluable resource for parents, educators and policy
makers." BOOKLIST

Threatt, Monique L wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a professor who is looking for the best documentaries about
> Latinos living and AIDS/HIV.
> Any suggestions? Must be produced within the past 5-10 years.
> Thanks,
> Monique
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> /Monique Threatt/
> /Subject Area Librarian for Communication & Culture, Media/
> /Herman B Wells Library, W121/
> /Indiana University/
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