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Renee Zurn (rzurn@duluth.lib.mn.us)
Fri, 15 Jul 2005 11:51:56 -0500

Dear Yuan-shang,
I will answer you questions for the Duluth Public Library in Duluth MN. We have a main building and two branches.

1. Does your system allow customers to return AV materials through
book slots?
Yes. We remind people to make sure the case is closed but they can use the book slots to return the materials to the building. We do not have a separate return for AV, just one slot for all materials. We have had few, if any, problems with this.

2. If so, can they return at branches other than the one they
borrowed the AV materials from?
They can return their materials to any of the three locations in Duluth and it will be checked in and cleared from their record just as if it was returned to the library where they checked it out. Our patrons can also return our materials to other libraries in other cities that are part of our cooperative. However, we warn patrons that the item is not checked in until it returns to the Duluth library and so they need to be aware of that travel time. Very few AV items are returned this way.

3. Do you have floating AV collection, i.e. where one can borrow an
item at a branch, return it to any branch and where the returned item
will remain at that branch until next customer borrows it?
We do not have a floating collection as you describe above. When our collections were newer, we would move materials between locations but they always had a "home" library that they returned to. We no longer do this.

Hope all this information helps.

Renee Zurn
Media Librarian
Duluth Public Library
Duluth MN


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