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The Duluth Public Library has had DVDs for about 1 years. The first year we had the discs behind the Circulation Desk and at checkout the technician would go and find the discs and place them in the case. When the item was returned, the technician doing check-in removed the discs, filed them, and placed the empty case to be shelved. We keep as many as possible in the original case. They were shelved on a small bookcase next to the VHS.

As the collection grew, it started taking more and more space behind the circulation counter. It was decided at the beginning of the summer to place the discs in the case for most movies. We decided that DVDs were no longer that much of a new item and so loses may be smaller but more important, we wanted to eliminate as much extra work and as much repetitive work for the circulation staff as possible. We also moved the bookcase holding the DVDs to a spot under a security camera (that doesn't work but looks like it might). All sets that are 3 discs or more are still kept behind the desk with an empty dummy case on the bookcase. The staff just needs to exchange the items. As we just started this I am not sure how much has been stolen.

I will let you know my loses later this fall when I run an item list of DVDs that have not circulated.

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
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>>> 07/13/05 11:06 AM >>>

Last year there was some discussion about DVD browsing bins.

I need your expert opinion. Can anyone suggest DVD bins that will allow
DVDs to be displayed in security cases, but are quiet to browse through
-- not like the bins found at most music or book stores where there is a
loud noise caused by flipping through the cases. This may be an
unrealistic request.

Also, I'd like to hear your comments on why you use, or don't use
security cases for DVDs in your browsing collection?

Feel free to contact me off-line with your comments/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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