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Hi Monique,

Probably the best (and quietest) browsing system I've seen for media was
at a public library (Urbana Free Library in Urbana, IL). Unfortunately
I don't see any pictures on their website to share, but hopefully I can
describe it well enough for you to get a good mental image. DVD covers
(or photocopies of them, if there wasn't an insert) were displayed in
large binders in alphabetical order (A-C, D-F, etc.). Patrons could
flip through these large books to see what was available. A card was
attached just inside each binder sheet section that the patron could
pull and bring to the front desk. The clerk would then pull the dvd and
check it out to said patron. If there was not card in the binder for a
particular title, you would assume it is checked out to another patron.
This system made a lot of sense to me, if you have room to display all
the binders. Much quieter than security cases rattling against each
other in bins, and much more secure than open shelving. Hope this
helps. (If you want a contact there, let me know.)


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Threatt, Monique L wrote:

> Hello,
> Last year there was some discussion about DVD browsing bins.
> I need your expert opinion. Can anyone suggest DVD bins that will
> allow DVDs to be displayed in security cases, but are quiet to browse
> through -- not like the bins found at most music or book stores where
> there is a loud noise caused by flipping through the cases. This
> may be an unrealistic request.
> Also, I'd like to hear your comments on why you use, or don't
> use security cases for DVDs in your browsing collection?
> Feel free to contact me off-line with your comments/suggestions.
> Thanks in advance.
> Monique
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