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Dear Julie,

we always try to purchase films on video and DVD in their true format.
To understand this issue one might think of Martin Scorsese's campaign
"It's Time To See What You've Been Missing" some years ago.

The Artists Rights Foundation sees picture integrity as part of the
artists rights

More info about widescreen vs. pan & scan on this site

"Director Martin Scorsese Lends Support To Philips' Digital Widescreen

Product Launch HOLLYWOOD: Legendary film director, Martin Scorsese
("Good Fellas"), will serve as spokesperson for ConsumerElectronics'
upcoming press launch of "It's Time To See What You've Been Missing," a
public education campaign supporting the introduction of Philips' new
line of High Definition, Widescreen Televisions.The year-long press
campaign is designed to educate the public about the benefits of viewing
movies as they were intended to be seen - in their original widescreen
format. A leading proponent of this format, Mr. Scorsese has provided
the client with "Martin Scorsese's Top 10 Movies Best Viewed in
Widescreen" and will host a satellite media tour in New York City in
early June to kick off the campaign. The Hollywood-Madison Group, a Los
Angeles-based company specializing in celebrity endorsements and
personal appearances secured the artist." (May 2001)

Seems he had been successful:

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin schrieb:
> I would like some feedback from public librarians as to how they
> purchase DVD's with Widescreen vs. Full Screen formats. As a
> librarian, I feel we should only purchase the Widescreen (Director's
> cut) format, but our patrons seem to prefer the Fullscreen format. As
> one patron stated, he didn't buy a large screen tv to have only part of
> the screen filled with the movie! When the differences of the two
> formats were explained to him, he still wanted the Fullscreen format.
> Hopefully, you all can help me answer this dilemma so I can write my
> collection guidelines as to which format we will purchase when faced
> with the choice of only selecting one copy! Thanks - Julie
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