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Just a thought...

The reverse is now occurring I'm afraid. Patrons who buy 16:9 televisions
end up having their non-widescreen (usually pre 1950s ) titles stretched
out or masked on the sides, also reducing image size. Older-film
enthusiasts should probably keep a 4:3 monitor for the older films and a
16:9 for the new films to be truly satisfied...

who speaks from personal experience on this issue

At 05:33 PM 7/12/2005, you wrote:
>FWIW, we purchase only the widescreen if available. Our thinking is much
>as yours. The image the director wanted was the widescreen, not a
>cropped/panned-and-scanned image. Perhaps your patron will buy the correct
>aspect screen next time. ;->
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>Subject: [Videolib] DVD - Widescreen vs. Full Screen
>I would like some feedback from public librarians as to how they purchase
>DVD's with Widescreen vs. Full Screen formats. As a librarian, I feel we
>should only purchase the Widescreen (Director's
>cut) format, but our patrons seem to prefer the Fullscreen format. As one
>patron stated, he didn't buy a large screen tv to have only part of the
>screen filled with the movie! When the differences of the two formats
>were explained to him, he still wanted the Fullscreen format. Hopefully,
>you all can help me answer this dilemma so I can write my collection
>guidelines as to which format we will purchase when faced with the choice
>of only selecting one copy! Thanks - Julie
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