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I purchase widescreen format. After watching Turner Classic Movies' mini program on widescreen vs fullscreen, I feel that full screen is the equivalent of abridged books. Most people have no idea that fullscreen does not present the complete picture. AND, people have watched part of a movie in widescreen for years. Whenever they showed Ben-Hur on TV, the film always backs off to show widescreen when they show the chariot race. And I remember that when I was younger. In fact, I used to think it was cool.

However, we are in a good position here. I purchase the widescreen whenever possible. At least one of our branches gets the fullscreen versions. And some titles come with both.

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I would like some feedback from public librarians as to how they purchase DVD's with Widescreen vs. Full Screen formats.   As a librarian, I feel we should only purchase the Widescreen (Director's
cut) format, but our patrons seem to prefer the Fullscreen format.  As one patron stated, he didn't buy a large screen tv to have only part of the screen filled with the movie!  When the differences of the two formats were explained to him, he still wanted the Fullscreen format.   
Hopefully, you all can help me answer this dilemma so I can write my collection guidelines as to which format we will purchase when faced with the choice of only selecting one copy!   Thanks - Julie
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