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Jessica, given the now easy availability of copies (vhs, dvd, download), the
problem of rights is all that stands between librarians and public showings
of really cool non studio stuff. Why don't you make the most this

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Not a chance alas. In THEORY all the major studio product should be easy BUT
you have exceptions. I just came back from a film festival in Bologna Italy
and met the woman who handles this for the Chaplin Estate . She was stunned
when I told her that a company called Swank and its subsidiary MPLC might
however inadvertently lead libraries and colleges to believe that could show
the Chaplin films because they were on the Warner Bros home video label and
they "covered" WB titles. So event the stuff which should be EASY like one a
studio label can be wrong ( and trust me you do NOT want to show a Chaplin
title without permission) Given the thousands of independent & foreign films
out there it would take a team of lawyers to track them all down. Keep in
mind that thousands of titles on DVD like say GREAT DICTATOR, KIND HEARTS &
CORONETS , PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC etc are in fact owned by companies outside
the US for PPR purposes.

Basically you should START with the company that releases the film in home
video and if they don't own it try to get them to tell you from whom they
bought their rights as they should own it.

Of course you could just send me the list. I can get about 90% of feature
titles and I only charge $100 an hour ( just kidding)


> Before I ask ANOTHER PPR question---is there some print source/web site
> I should try first before asking the group these questions?
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