[Videolib] Random Library Find Question

LeeAnne Krause (LLKRAUSE@gwm.sc.edu)
Fri, 01 Jul 2005 11:41:35 -0400

I've stumbled across a 16mm film that seems to have belonged to another
library at one point. All it said was R.I.P Film LIbrary (literal or :)
ominous foreshadowing?) and it was located in Franklin Lakes NJ. I
called the number on the can but it seems to belong to a private
individual, and Yahoo can't find the actual street address listed on the
label either. I"m guessing this film belonged to a library that no
longer exists, and liquidated their film holdings years ago, but I'd
like to see if I can verify this. Can any of you in the NY area shed
some light on this, and if possible, give me another number I can call?

LeeAnne L. Krause, Manager
Educational Films Collection
University of South Carolina

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