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Not sure if this is what you are asking but about a dozen library systems
use our streaming preview service to 'enhance' their online catalog.
Biggest names: Denver, Seattle, Orange County Fla.

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My recent answer on the MDID software reminded me that I need
a reality check on this issue. Between CCUMC-l and Videolib,
I can probably get any answer out there.

Currently, I know of only two "library consortia"--or, say,
school systems--that offer or will offer in the near future
video-on-demand streaming of commercial programs to their

1. Ohiolink, for the Ohio higher ed. community.

2. VIVA (Virtual Virginia), soon to offer it for the VA
higher ed. community.

Do you know of any others, existing or in the works? Please
note that I am *not* primarily interested here in systems
that subscribe to streaming services, but those are welcome



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