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Robert Bratton (Rbratton@umd.edu)
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 17:28:41 -0400


You are correct and I was wrong. Anime is not an authorized LC subject
heading. . . yet.

However, I have submitted a change proposal to LC requesting that they
make "Anime" a legitimate subject heading, and I'm using the OED,
Encyclopaedia Britannica, and other authoritative sources to back me
up! We'll see what happens. At Maryland we decided that it was just
preposterous not to have it as an access point and we apply "Anime" as a
subject/genre heading to our anime videos; perhaps that's a bit
cavalier, but that's what we do. I had forgotten that this was our
local decision and not the official LC heading when I made my original
post, and I apologize for creating any confusion.

One could always create a local subject heading (655 4 or 655 7) for


Gena Zelenka wrote:

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>Here's what our consortium head says:
>"LC instead created an authority reference record explaining which
>headings to use INSTEAD of Anime.
>I double-checked this in LC's online subject heading file this morning,
>to make absolutely certain. LC's instructions are explicitly to NEVER
>use "Anime" as a subject heading, but rather to always use "Animated
>films--Japan," "Animated television programs--Japan," and similar
>Gena Z.
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>Hello Karen,
>On August 26, 2003, the Library of Congress finally saw the light and
>created the subject heading: "Anime," which is what we use on our anime
>videos in addition to "Animated films.
>So politely tell your catalogers that there is now a nice official LC
>subject heading for anime.
>Robert Bratton
>Head, Music/AV Cataloging
>University of Maryland Libraries
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