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Robert, is it in the 28th ed. of LCSH?

I ran this past our Head of Tech Services and this is what she said:

Our copy of the 27th edition of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (2004) does not indicate that "Anime" is an official heading (we have not yet received the 28th edition). The word "Anime" is in light type, which indicates it is not an authorized heading.

The full entry reads:

USE headings for specific types of animated media subdivided by Japan, e.g.
Animated films--Japan
Animation (Cinematography)--Japan

meaning that rather than "Anime" you are to use a heading such as "Animated films" and subdivide it by "Japan".

"USE" references are made from an unauthorized or non-preferred term to an authorized or preferred heading.

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Hello Karen,

On August 26, 2003, the Library of Congress finally saw the light and
created the subject heading: "Anime," which is what we use on our anime
videos in addition to "Animated films.

So politely tell your catalogers that there is now a nice official LC
subject heading for anime.


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