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I recommend the following documentaries from Bullfrog Films for the
Eracism Film & Discussion Series in the Fall:

After Silence: Civil Rights and the Japanese-American Experience

City Life: The Other Side

Hanging Out

Home of the Brave

The Long Walk to Freedom

This black soil

Please contact me for further information on renting or purchasing these

Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films

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Subject: [Videolib] Eracism Film Series suggestions

We are now parntering with a community group to have a film series in
the Fall and would love any suggestions for films to use.

In general, the goal of the Eracism Film & Discussion Series is to
"heighten awareness and create a better understanding of the issues
facing peple of color or of minority ethinc backgrounds." During the
four previous years the group has shown four films each year, usually 3
documentaries and 1 popular film on a varity of topics that stimulates
discussion. The discussion is facilitated by a professional who works
in a related field. Last years films dealt with institutional racism.
The films average an hour long. The feature film is usually longer
and only part is shown.

Attendees come from all walks of life. We get a lot of students trying
to fulfill their "cultural awareness" assignment.

Thank you for your help.

Tova Aragon
Adult Services Lead Librarian
Fort Collins Public Library
201 Peterson
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