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Probably not exactly what you are looking for but...

Comment conquérir l'Amérique (2004)

Plot Outline: Gégé (Mpambara) is a young Haitian who leaves Port-au-Prince
for Montreal with a specific goal in mind: to conquer America by seducing a
blonde model he's seen in a magazine.


You may also want to have a look at this site:
I just tried to get into the site and had trouble getting past the splash
page. I have visited before and they do provide lists of films from "cinema
Africain et Creole"

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hi all,
I'm looking for something on Haitian immigrants in Canada -- I've found a
couple things, but they're a bit old.
Does anyone know of anything else?
thanks for any leads,

2 Haïti, Québec
Author: Rached, Tahani,; Frappier, Roger.
Publication: [Montréal] : Office national du film du Canada,

3 Haiti, nous la! nou la!
Publication: Montreal : NFB, 1987 Document: French :

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