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Brigid Duffy (
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:51:15 -0700

On Wednesday, June 15, 2005, at 06:05 AM, LeeAnne Krause wrote:

> Anyone know where I can get either of the below? I have some skeletal
> information which has led to some dead ends, so if you can give me a
> name and phone number/web site, that would be greatly appreciated!
> Some Women of Marrakesh (I'm told it's at U of Texas Austin, but it's
> nowhere on their website)

Available from the Royal Anthropological Institute, part of the
Disappearing World Series. They will take US Dollars but may not be
able to take credit cards. $95 plus shipping.

Susanne Hammacher, Film Officer
Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
London W1T 5BT
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7387 0455
Fax: +44 20 7388 8817

Hope this helps.

Brigid Duffy
Audio Visual/ITV Center
San Francisco State University
San Francisco CA 94132-4200
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