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We ( a smaller public library) have chosen to split up television and
multi-disc series to limit our losses. We had purchased Band of
Brothers on DVD at a cost close to $100. Someone managed to walk out
with the entire set (before we moved the discs to an area behind the
circulation desk), and it took two years before we had enough excess
funding to justify replacing such an expensive single title. We now
split most multi-disc popular sets into individual discs and catalog
them as separate volumes of the same title. Patrons are able to request
specific copies, so if they want to begin with disc one, they place a
request for just volume one. If an individual disc gets stolen or
damaged, chances are another library in our system owns the same title,
and they will be able to request it from them.

We have had no patron complaints about this system, but I am curious as
to what the checkout limits at some libraries are on these DVD sets? We
allow just five DVD titles to be checkout out at a time by a single
patron - I would hate to imagine a patron checking out, for example,
five seasons of Sex and the City (did it run for five seasons?) and then
skipping town :-P

Benjamin D. Sprague
- Circulation Supervisor
- Technology Resources
Ripon Public Library

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"We find that it works best for our customers if the TV show sets are
packaged individually by disc."

Works best in the sense of having to make multiple trips to the library
order to facilitate viewing a whole season of Family Guy or similar fare
straight through? Given that there were 6 discs in our version of the
2 package of Little House on the Prairie this policy seems as if it
might be
somewhat inconvenient for some patrons.

Do (or did) you follow the same policy for VHS?

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.
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We find that it works best for our customers if the TV show sets are
packaged individually by disc. The holds queue moves much faster and it
easier to watch in one week. So, if there is a record in OCLC for
individual discs, the video cataloger chops them up. If not, we keep it
packaged as a set.

Linda Stevens, Media Specialist
Harris County Public Library
8080 El Rio
Houston, Texas 77054

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Twisting this thread slightly to satisfy my own needs, I wonder how
libraries already collecting TV shows on DVD package (or repackage?)
for circulation.

Our circ policy is 7 days, no renewals on DVDs and it grieves me to tie
an expensive multipart item the patron probably has NO hope of viewing
our short loan period while long reserve lists build on it.

Do you chop them up into pieces, as a rule, or not worry about this
If you chop them up, how do you catalog them?

Deborah T. Walsh
Geneva Public Library District
Geneva, IL

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