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For the mini series we collected, or titles such as Upstairs Downstairs,
we did break them down and put them in double cases. Each set of two
tapes counts as 1 title for check out purposes. This is also a plan
that evolved over time as we started to collect miniseries and PBS/BBC
series. I'm in favor of breaking down the sets into manageable
sections. This really helps everyone but the cataloger. With the
television series sometimes boasting 22 episodes a season, plus all the
extra hours, it can be difficult for someone to watch that much, even in
a 2 week period, which is what we have. If you check out smaller sets,
patrons aren't pushed so hard to watch it all in the time alloted, but
are able to come back and get further episodes if they finish early.
For titles we don't have, and get for patrons on ILL, I encourage them
to consider getting the seasons in parts. Too often, many libraries
have very short, and I mean 1 day, circulation times for video/dvd on
ILL. There is no way someone could watch a whole season of ANY tv
series, except titles that may have only a few episodes, in one night.

Becky Tatar
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"We find that it works best for our customers if the TV show sets are
packaged individually by disc."

Works best in the sense of having to make multiple trips to the library
in order to facilitate viewing a whole season of Family Guy or similar
fare straight through? Given that there were 6 discs in our version of
the season 2 package of Little House on the Prairie this policy seems as
if it might be somewhat inconvenient for some patrons.

Do (or did) you follow the same policy for VHS?

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.
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We find that it works best for our customers if the TV show sets are
packaged individually by disc. The holds queue moves much faster and it
is easier to watch in one week. So, if there is a record in OCLC for
individual discs, the video cataloger chops them up. If not, we keep it
packaged as a set.

Linda Stevens, Media Specialist
Harris County Public Library
8080 El Rio
Houston, Texas 77054

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Twisting this thread slightly to satisfy my own needs, I wonder how
libraries already collecting TV shows on DVD package (or repackage?)
them for circulation.

Our circ policy is 7 days, no renewals on DVDs and it grieves me to tie
up an expensive multipart item the patron probably has NO hope of
viewing in our short loan period while long reserve lists build on it.

Do you chop them up into pieces, as a rule, or not worry about this
problem? If you chop them up, how do you catalog them?

Deborah T. Walsh
Geneva Public Library District
Geneva, IL

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