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Renee Zurn (
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 17:46:57 -0500

I used to circulate them in the way that required the least repackaging. For example, the Star Gate series have each disc in a separate case while Sex in the City has the discs in one case. Therefore we did circulate the individual discs for Star Gate but the complete set of discs for Sex in the City. I wanted to keep as much information as possible with the discs.

However, after a few lost discs - how much do you charge a patron for part of a set? - a few complaints, and a change in shelving DVDs, I decided to circulate the TV shows as they are purchased, each season together. We have to repackage some of the DVDs for easier checkout but so far it is working.

We have also started having most of the DVDs on the shelf. We used to keep the discs behind the Circ counter until checkout but decided to have the shows with 1 or 2 discs on the shelf. Sets with more then 2 discs have a dummy case on the shelf for the public and a case behind the Circ counter for a quick exchange and checkout. Hopefully we will not loose too many.

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library

>>> 06/01/05 02:14PM >>>
Twisting this thread slightly to satisfy my own needs, I wonder how
libraries already collecting TV shows on DVD package (or repackage?) them
for circulation.

Our circ policy is 7 days, no renewals on DVDs and it grieves me to tie up
an expensive multipart item the patron probably has NO hope of viewing in
our short loan period while long reserve lists build on it.

Do you chop them up into pieces, as a rule, or not worry about this problem?
If you chop them up, how do you catalog them?

Deborah T. Walsh
Geneva Public Library District
Geneva, IL

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