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Renee Zurn (
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 11:43:57 -0500

My library is also getting many requests for TV series on DVD. I have thought about writing a policy for this format but have not yet found the time to do more than jot down a few notes. Like the Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library, we shelf our TV shows by title, along with Feature and Performance films. We use the subject heading "Television programs" for them all and sometimes add other subjects such as "Frontier and pioneer life - Drama," used for the Little House on the Prairie series.

I started my collection by purchasing a few of the older, award winners. I though I would slowly purchase the TV shows that had won awards and build my collection. However, I was amazed at the requests I received. Due to the cost of some series and the number of seasons, I decided to wait until I receive a request before I purchase most shows. Examples of some series I waited on: Star Trek, Star Gate, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure, etc. I try to purchase TV shows that are not on the regular (ABC, NBC, CBS) channels, such as Monarch of the Glen and Dead Like Me. I also check to see if shows are on rerun. I had decided against purchasing West Wing but received more than one request for it so decided to go ahead and purchase it. I check to see if the show has won awards but it is amazing how many awards there are for TV shows.

I continue to purchase in a series once we own it. However, it is hard to spread your budget to purchase all the Star Trek series and seasons at $100 each and still purchase other types of media.

I make my purchasing decision one request at a time and sometimes even based on a review in Video Librarian!

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
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