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Mike, these are just the kinds of subject headings we like. We do get
patrons who ask for American life on the frontier in a movie for kids.
Not all the staff may know whether or not we have the Little House
titles. With not everyone getting cable, many people don't know about
the series. I know it's hard on the catalogers, but the more subject
headings, the better

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Perhaps I'm asking a question you're all already tired of hearing from
your own catalogers (assuming any of your august institutions still
employ fulltime catalogers, that is), but just exactly what kind of
subject access are you looking for concerning TV series on video?
Something like "Women physicians--West (U.S.)--Drama" for Dr. Quinn? I
wouldn't think subject access is really what you mean here, so I'd
suggest using genre headings, although those would still be pretty
broad. Don't most patrons search TV series by title? And if you classify
your videos (hardly a safe
assumption...) wouldn't they all be together on the shelf to enhance

"Clowns--Death--Minnesota--Minneapolis--Drama" for Chuckles Bites the
Dust? and don't even get me started on warmedies like Little House....

Treacle--West (U.S.)--Drama (Actually we used: "Frontier and pioneer
life--Great Plains--Drama" and "Family--Great Plains--Drama" plus the
genre heading "Western television programs" on at least one bundle of
Little House

Mike Tribby
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Since the subject headings don't quite do it for us, we use genre notes
quite a bit to clarify things. Here's what genre headings were used, in
addition to the actual subject headings, on one series:

Television programs.
Television comedies.

The "DVDs" note makes it easy for patrons to pull a list from the entire
video collection. We added it after the success of a genre note of
"compact discs" on the audiobooks to sort from the cassette tapes proved


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The popularity of TV Series on DVD continues to rise. What subject
headings do you use, or what subject headings do you wish you were
using? They are very hard to find in our catalog. What can we do to
improve subject headings for all media? It's frustrating. Any comments
or help appreciated.

Carol Dunn
AV Manager, NT Administration/Web
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library
206 Broadway
Findlay, OH 45840

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