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It's a sensation. We get asked all day, everyday, for everything.
If we buy Season One, they want Season Two.......and so forth and
so on. Doesn't matter what TV show it is, they'll take it.
I would like to see your criteria for selecting, can you share with the
We have them all in the Dewey nonfiction DVD's under 791.4572....
but, we also need good, basic subject headings, and at present, we are
in this important area.

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TV Series on DVD is a hot topic in our region. I'm flooded with requests for

everything available. I have a list of criteria for selecting TV on DVD but
would like to see what others use. Anyone care to share?

On Tue, 31 May 2005 12:08:20 -0400, Carol Dunn wrote
> The popularity of TV Series on DVD continues to rise. What subject
> headings do you use, or what subject headings do you wish you were using?
> They are very hard to find in our catalog. What can we do to improve
> subject headings for all media? It's frustrating. Any comments or
> help appreciated.
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