[Videolib] Looking for series: "Discovering Women"

Fri, 27 May 2005 16:20:18 -0400

Hey, colleagues:

This six-part series was a 1995 production of WGBH-TV, but
you can find it on WorldCat associated with Films for the
Humanities, too. A cursory check doesn't show it for purchase
at the present time.

Our faculty's ready to ILL it for the time being. But would
prefer a copy of the series for our collection.

Any chance you can point me in a promising direction?

Thanks in advance (and have a great weekend if you're gone


Jeff Clark
Media Resources MSC 1701
James Madison University
Harrisonburg VA 22807
clarkjc@jmu.edu (email)
540-568-6770 (phone)
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