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Rick Faaberg (
Thu, 26 May 2005 02:20:18 -0700

On 5/25/05 9:54 PM "Rick Faaberg" <> sent this out:

>> after seeing its use drop to below minuscule levels, my dean has
>> decided that it is time to weed our 16 MM. I have some thoughts on the
>> best way to go about this, but I thought I'd tap into the collective
>> brain as to see if others have any advice as we go about this. You can
>> reply to me directly if you like. Thanks
> Several years ago, I developed a relationship with a film studies organization
> that welcomed donations of *anything* on 16mm film for their archive and they
> use those films for, obviously, film study - including production, writing,
> direction, etc. from bygone days and do comparative studies vs. "current"
> direction and production methods and practice, etc. I literally sent probably
> 6-8 pallets of K-12 educational films to them. Those pallets were extremely
> heavy, btw. ;-)

And also, some media libraries tend to donate all that old stuff to
"patrons" (in our case schools).

That was the last thing I wanted to do - to load up the schools with
decrepit, outdated materials would be *really* counterproductive to our
mission ("circulate new, updated, innovative, relevant materials").

That's why I sought out the film study orgs as possible donees.


Rick Faaberg

Ps. I hear my prior place of employment did exactly what I never would have
(tried to pawn off the old/noncirc materials to our clients). Sigh. :-(

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