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...nope. nuthin' newer than the Images of Indians series (at least that I
know of) Odd isn't it?


At 10:42 AM 5/24/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Can someone tell me if there is a current documentary (produced within
>the past 10 years) that portrays the history of Native Americans in
>television, or film? Although IMAGES OF INDIANS is a wonderful series,
>it was produced in 1979.
>Our library owns IMAGES OF INDIANS [videorecording] / written, produced,
>& directed by Phil Lucas & Robert Hagoplan. A five-part series which
>examines the Indian stereotype portrayed in movies and questions what
>the effect of this Hollywood image has been on Indians' own self-image.
>Totally unrelated, I loved Smoke Signals (1998)and thought the feature
>was a positive portrayal, albeit the harsh realities of living on the
>rez. It would be nice to see clips of this film included in an updated
>doc on Native Americans.
>Monique Threatt
>IU Bloomington
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