[Videolib] Need Current Documentary on history of Native Americans

Threatt, Monique L (mthreatt@indiana.edu)
Tue, 24 May 2005 10:42:26 -0500


Can someone tell me if there is a current documentary (produced within
the past 10 years) that portrays the history of Native Americans in
television, or film? Although IMAGES OF INDIANS is a wonderful series,
it was produced in 1979.

Our library owns IMAGES OF INDIANS [videorecording] / written, produced,
& directed by Phil Lucas & Robert Hagoplan. A five-part series which
examines the Indian stereotype portrayed in movies and questions what
the effect of this Hollywood image has been on Indians' own self-image.

Totally unrelated, I loved Smoke Signals (1998)and thought the feature
was a positive portrayal, albeit the harsh realities of living on the
rez. It would be nice to see clips of this film included in an updated
doc on Native Americans.

Monique Threatt
IU Bloomington

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