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When I answered this question earlier, I'd completely
forgotten about this recent bill passage. However, I agree
with George on its interpretation below.

So a form of my earlier suggestion remains: If this
legislation starts pressuring the studios to meet this market
themselves, then libraries can buy.

If they want to. I won't get into my own observations--which
challenge both sides of the fence--on whether "edited
editions" are proper. Basically, I think libraries shouldn't
buy them though, unless they want to consider offering two
versions of such titles in a public library environment, or
in academia want to study the effects on meaning and effect
of such content changes, or somesuch....


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>Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 19:02:15 -0400
>From: "George Abbott" <>
>Subject: Re: [Videolib] Edited Movies
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>Jessica. Was there another new bill last week? The Family
Movie act
>of 2005 which was rushed through and passed April 27 does
not make it
>legal for libraries to own edited (censored) versions of
videos. In
>fact it does not allow edited versions to be created at
all. The text
>is below but essential what it says is that a private
household can use
>a computer program to "make imperceptible" certain content
during a
>specific viewing for that private household but can not
alter the
>original video.
> This title may be cited as the ``Family Movie Act of
> ``(11) the making imperceptible, by or at the
direction of a
> member of a private household, of limited portions
of audio or
> video content of a motion picture, during a
performance in or
> transmitted to that household for private home
viewing, from an
> authorized copy of the motion picture, or the
creation or
> provision of a computer program or other technology
> such making imperceptible and that is designed and
marketed to
> be used, at the direction of a member of a private
> for such making imperceptible, if no fixed copy of
the altered
> version of the motion picture is created by such
> program or other technology.''; and
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>>>> 5/18/2005 5:19:04 PM >>>
>I think they are a wretched thing for a library to buy but
they are
>totally legal. There were some legal moves by the directors
guild to
>challenge this but Congress in its wisdom RUSHED through a
bill last
>Making this 10% legal provided it is a done with a legally
>Nice to know your legislators can pass laws quickly on such
>> Recently, a patron requested that we purchase edited
>> have been edited for language and content (usually without
>> authorization).
>> We have serious concerns about the legality and quality of
>> editions, and we wondered if any libraries have experience
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