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You can put me down..

LaRoi Lawton
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Subject: [Videolib] Any Kind Souls?

Happy Wednesday Videolibbers!

I'm in kind of a weird situation, or rather my library is. I'm going to
be leaving my position in July, for better family opportunities
elsewhere. The trouble is that I'm the only film librarian at my
institution and I have reason to believe that our library, due to budget
constraints, is not going to be able to get someone with an MLS, or even
necessarily someone with any media librarian training to replace me. So
my concern is that this unknown person, who is likely to be hired after
my departure, will be pretty clueless about the special needs of films.=20
I know that the Videolib is always helpful, but it might be nice if 1-3
people at other institutions would be willing to act as a mentor.

Specifically, can my successor e-mail you with questions that s/he might
have? Obviously, someone who is in a comparable position would be best.
USC is a fairly large university, with a semester FTE of 32,000.=20
Our collection consists of 5200 VHS, 700 DVD, 6000 16mm. We have closed
stacks, and don't circulate to students. Our annual total circulation
has run about 4000 in recent years. We're on a homegrown system now and
are moving to III in the fall after I leave. My duties include
Collection Development/budget management, Collection Maintenance,
in-house viewing equipment maintenance, circulation, oversight of
student help, and general reference. Are there any kind souls out there
who have similar job descriptions who would be willing to help?

The angels will applaud you!


LeeAnne L. Krause, Manager
Educational Films Collection
University of South Carolina

See our new searchable database at =20

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