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Have you called RTI?


At 08:48 AM 5/4/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Good morning, everyone,
>Let me preface my question with this: if this is not an appropriate
>question for this list, please let me know. I have been waiting for an
>answer from the vendor, but thought I'd get some ideas while I am
>waiting from the list members.
>We have an RTI ECOSenior CD/DVD cleaning machine. We followed the
>instructions in the manual for cleaning the pads, splash cover,
>turntable, and turret. However, there is visible buildup from the
>polishing compound around the outside of the turret as well as the drain
>under the turret; it is a white, chalky substance. How can we clean
>around the turret? Is it possible to remove the turret to clean? Can we
>use anything (i.e. Windex) to clean the drain area under the turret?
>Could we use Q-tips or a makeup sponge to mop around the turret and
>clean out the drain area?
>If you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you in
>advance for any help you can provide,
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