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John Streepy (
Sun, 01 May 2005 10:24:30 -0700

here at CWU we shelve separately because of the size of the containers,
and we use accession numbers. Ours is a closed stack so no browsing.
The catalog is fully subject cataloged so when a user is searching for
items they get everything regardless of format or call number. In a
closed stack, accession works really well because we do not have to keep
open spaces for later collection additions, they are merely put at the
end of the line. Useless in a browsable collection.

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>>> 04/30/05 2:19 PM >>>

I've noticed that academic libraries arrange their media sections in a
variety of ways and was wondering if anyone could give some advise as
to which system works best.

Does integrating VHS and DVD formats work well for anyone or is it best
to keep them separated?

Also, as for a classification system, most libraries seem to use a
simple numeric system such as DVD 12, DVD 13, VHS 25, VHS 26 etc.,
while I have seem some that assign LC numbers, thus integrating
formats. Which system do you think is preferred?

Thank you very much,
Tanya De Angelis

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