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The trend is going towards Downloadable Audio. We have not purchased
any MP3 Books on CD, and have no plans to at present. If you have not heard,
Library for the Blind is leaping from Books on Tape directly to
downloadables............that's a big jump! Check out this link:

Carol Dunn
AV Librarian
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

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Hi Folks, I know that this is primarily a video list but I've got an
audiobook question that has been "bugging" me and I thought all you great
people could help. Lately, my staff and I have been seeing CD audiobooks
(primarily by Brillance Corp.) stating MP3 version vs. regular CD format
(probably a .wav format?). In my experience, the MP3 compressed format is
not compatible with lots of car CD players and protable - walkman style
players, although this fact may be changing. Sometimes, the audiobook title
is only available in the MP3 format. Is this something that we should be
looking for (MP3 or otherwise?); have others found this to be a problem?
Should we be noting this MP3 playability on the MARC record, subject heading
AND on the box, if we purchase the item? Remember, Brillance Corp. is the
same company that gve us the stereo sound on the same track where users had
to have a sound balance/equalizer control on each speaker/headphone so that
one side could be turned off in order to play. What genius thought that
p? - I'm sure it had to do with cost versus tape duration/play. I know
that the compressed MP3 format can hold a lot more than the .wav format and
would be, therefore, less costly to reproduce. Any suggestions, etc. would
be helpful. Thanks.

Jim Scholtz, Library Director
Yankton Community Library
515 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078
(605) 668-5276

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