Re: [Videolib] video/DVD circulation policies

Susan Albrecht (
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:32:44 -0500

We allow faculty & staff a 3-week checkout period for video materials,
students 1 week, with no loans to the local community (though we do ILL
with those institutions who'll reciprocate). If a faculty member expresses
a need to keep an item longer than 3 weeks, we manually adjust the due date.

Unless the video is on reserve, we do not assess fines to ANY borrower
until that person has received a 4th overdue notice, at which point our
system assumes the item is lost and charges a $60 replacement fee + a $5
PitA fee.

Susan at Wabash College
Susan Albrecht
Acquisitions Coordinator
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN

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