Re: [Videolib] video/DVD circulation policies

John Streepy (John.Streepy@cwu.EDU)
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:12:51 -0700

Hi Joanna,

Here at CWU we have varying due dates:

Faculty get 1 week with a 1 week renewal (we use III so bookings will
overrule a renewal, at least they are supposed to).
Grad Students get 2 day checkouts but they can renew for 2 additional
Students get two day checkouts with no renewals.
Everyone has a four day grace period before fines start to apply.

If I had to set this up again, I would have gone with a three day check
out for students and grads. With no renewals and no grace periods for
anyone. The grace periods and renewals just mess things up. The week
long check out for professors works well for them, but there are some
titles that are cross departmentally popular which makes booking that
much more important.

good luck


>>> 04/27/05 1:53 PM >>>
Hi everyone-

I'm new to the list, and am hoping to make use of the vast expertise
lurking out there!

I'm wondering what people's loan periods are for videorecordings (in
tape or DVD format), in academic libraries. We have three day loans
here, for all primary users, but I'm considering a proposal to
that period for faculty. Does anyone else have longer loan periods for
faculty and/or graduate students? If so, how long? If there is a
loan period, is it for longer than 3 days? Three days just seems
restrictive especially if someone is using the video for research
purposes. Also, do people allow online renewals? It's generally
that online renewals would disturb our booking system for faculty
showings, but I'm interested to hear if others have implemented this

Thanks for any feedback you may have-

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