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>I'm wondering what people's loan periods are for videorecordings (in
>tape or DVD format), in academic libraries. We have three day loans
>here, for all primary users, but I'm considering a proposal to extending
>that period for faculty. Does anyone else have longer loan periods for
>faculty and/or graduate students? If so, how long? If there is a common
>loan period, is it for longer than 3 days? Three days just seems
>restrictive especially if someone is using the video for research
>purposes. Also, do people allow online renewals? It's generally thought
>that online renewals would disturb our booking system for faculty class
>showings, but I'm interested to hear if others have implemented this

At Otis we have defined period that work pretty well for us:
Most Students and non-Library staff - 2 days
Fashion Students and Graduate Students - 1 week
Faculty - 1 week

Everyone can renew once, online or in person, for the same period as the
initial checkout (assuming no holds on the item).

The reason for Fashion Students having the extended period is because they
take most of their classes on a different campus and are frequently only on
the main campus once a week.

We generally expect faculty to notify us more than a week in advance if
they want to have the video available for them for classroom usage. When
we put the video in our reserves system, it will prevent
check-outs/renewals starting at a defined period before the start of the
reserve period (I believe a week beforehand). We can also put an item on
hold to prevent a renewal.

For us, this has kept problems down to a minimum.

If a faculty member wants it for an extended period, they can just not
return it, as they don't pay late fees but we prefer they don't do
this. Students are expected to return it, although they can check it out
again the next day.

The policy has been working well for us. (We set the policy in Fall 2003,
when we moved to Virtua, which allows the fine grain control needed)

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