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Jed Horovitz (
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 10:31:12 -0400

Goodtimes is a legit distributor of pd and back catalog. They sell a lot of
stuff in super markets.

The fact that your labels are handwritten raises questions about the tape
not the company.


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Subject: [Videolib] Goodtimes Home Video Corp?

Hello, everyone!

I must once again call upon the collective wisdom of the list. I am
currently weeding my library's video collection and have come across
many videos from a company called Goodtimes Home Video Corp.

These videos seem questionable to me because the labeling is partially
handwritten, and they do not have sleeves. I can not find a matching
listing for this distributor in Video Source Book or online. (I searched
the vidlib archive and did not find any postings about this company.)

Is anyone familiar with this company?

Thank you,

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