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There was a company by this name but I think they are long out of business.
Their main business was cheap poor quality versions of studio films which
they did legally license. Basically they would take some film that a studio
had released than put it out in a cheap version recorded at 4 or 6 hour
speed. Again they were legal but not very good


> Hello, everyone!
> I must once again call upon the collective wisdom of the list. I am
> currently weeding my library's video collection and have come across
> many videos from a company called Goodtimes Home Video Corp.
> These videos seem questionable to me because the labeling is partially
> handwritten, and they do not have sleeves. I can not find a matching
> listing for this distributor in Video Source Book or online. (I searched
> the vidlib archive and did not find any postings about this company.)
> Is anyone familiar with this company?
> Thank you,
> ~Cecilia
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