RE: [Videolib] lending video and film&quality vs. quantity

Mike Tribby (
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:09:32 -0500

>From Melissa Riley:

"Renting a video or DVD is much cheaper than buying a book--at least a
hardcover. So renting a popular movie is in reach of most people."

What about people who live in areas that are not served by Blockbuster or
other large video outlets? There are still small towns out there--not as
many as there used to be, and much smaller in population now in many cases,
but indubitably still there. Or how about shut-ins or residents of isolated
areas who lack the means to get to the video store but may be served by
library extension devices like bookmobiles? And what is the difference
between a public library lending popular novels and videos of popular
movies? The whole world's not an urban playground--yet.

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