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I hope you post results to this list.


At 11:04 AM 4/25/2005, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>Cecilia Hurt and I are working on a research project assessing the
>availability/need for specific training in media librarianship issues and
>practice. Towards that end we are asking for your help in participating in
>a survey to help us determine how media librarians are educated. The
>survey is completely voluntary of course, and shouldn't take more than
>5-10 minutes to complete. Aggregate results will hopefully be published,
>but individual responses are completely anonymous.
>The survey is posted online at
><>. We are using
>free software to post the survey, and we've only got a limited number of
>days that we can keep the survey live, so we would greatly appreciate you
>taking the time to fill out the survey this week...
>Thanks very much for your assistance, and please let me know if you have
>any questions, problems or concerns...
>Mary S. Laskowski
>Coordinator of Media Services, Cataloging and Reserves
>Assistant Professor of Library Administration
>Media & Reserve Center at the Undergraduate Library
>1402 W. Gregory Drive
>Urbana, IL 61801
>fax (217)265-0936
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