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Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:04:53 -0400

We've had the same experience as Michael with our RTI Eco-Junior. We've had it two months and have repaired about 60 discs. Does a great job. But it does guzzle distilled water!

Fred Sandner
Head, Circulation/Media Services
Finkelstein Library
Spring Valley, New York

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>I can't address the Azuradisc machine, but our public library purchased
>the DiscChek Eco-Junior in January of this year, and so far we're very
>happy with it. It does an incredible job removing scratches on both DVDs
>and CDs-very few (out of 100+ discs put through the machine) have been
>beyond repair. A few caveats: it is loud to operate-not so loud you need
>ear protection or anything, but loud enough that you don't want to
>operate it in an area where people have to concentrate on their work.
>Also, it has an intake tube and an outflow tube, so the unit has to be
>somewhere where you can set a gallon of distilled water and a receptacle
>to receive the waste water. Neither of these is a problem for us, so
>we're very happy with the unit.
>The sales rep (and the review in the May 15, 2004 Audio/Video supplement
>to Library Journal) said to expect to spend fifteen to twenty cents per
>disc in "consumables" (replacement pads, cleaning solution, etc.), and
>so far I think that's about right (though probably closer to twenty
>cents, I think).
>Strangely enough, even though DiscChek is an RTI product, it's
>distributed by Recorded Books(!) At the time we purchased our machine,
>there was a promotion going on where they threw in 5 audiobooks at no
>charge (my recollection is that this amounted to a $500-$600 value).
>That certainly took some of the sting out of the high price tag. I don't
>know if that is an on-going promotion, or a limited-time-only deal.
>Feel free to contact me off-list if you have any additional questions.
>Michael Logan
>Technical Services
>Humboldt County Library
>(707) 269-1962
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>Has anyone experience with this companies machines? If so which model
>do you have and what is your opinion. We would also appreciate any
>other DVD maintenance machines that you have had actual experience with
>and your comments.
>Barb Read
>Rolling Hills Consolidated Libraries
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