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I can't address the Azuradisc machine, but our public library purchased
the DiscChek Eco-Junior in January of this year, and so far we're very
happy with it. It does an incredible job removing scratches on both DVDs
and CDs-very few (out of 100+ discs put through the machine) have been
beyond repair. A few caveats: it is loud to operate-not so loud you need
ear protection or anything, but loud enough that you don't want to
operate it in an area where people have to concentrate on their work.
Also, it has an intake tube and an outflow tube, so the unit has to be
somewhere where you can set a gallon of distilled water and a receptacle
to receive the waste water. Neither of these is a problem for us, so
we're very happy with the unit.

The sales rep (and the review in the May 15, 2004 Audio/Video supplement
to Library Journal) said to expect to spend fifteen to twenty cents per
disc in "consumables" (replacement pads, cleaning solution, etc.), and
so far I think that's about right (though probably closer to twenty
cents, I think).

Strangely enough, even though DiscChek is an RTI product, it's
distributed by Recorded Books(!) At the time we purchased our machine,
there was a promotion going on where they threw in 5 audiobooks at no
charge (my recollection is that this amounted to a $500-$600 value).
That certainly took some of the sting out of the high price tag. I don't
know if that is an on-going promotion, or a limited-time-only deal.

Feel free to contact me off-list if you have any additional questions.

Michael Logan
Technical Services
Humboldt County Library
(707) 269-1962

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Has anyone experience with this companies machines? If so which model
do you have and what is your opinion. We would also appreciate any
other DVD maintenance machines that you have had actual experience with
and your comments.
Barb Read
Rolling Hills Consolidated Libraries

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