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We still collect both formats and probably will for some years to come. Some
programs, both educational and feature, are simply not available in DVD yet.
I still have many faculty who request VHS format because the classrooms in
which they teach do not have DVD players. Our updated classrooms (21st
Century Classrooms) have DVD capability, but at only a few classroom
conversions per year, it will be a decade or more before VHS players are
gone, if ever. Faculty also still use their own VHS (often illegal) programs
in class as well. We purchase DVD when available, but will purchase VHS if
that's the only format offered or if the requesting faculty member specifies

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> Does it make sense to buy VHS tapes if the content is offered in digital
> format? I've worked myself into a possibly pointless quandary over this,
> given that many people don't even use VCRs any more. But we're finding
> circulating DVDs to be so fragile, whereas most of our older VHS tapes
> lasted many years, Does anyone have a policy of continuing to collect in
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