[Videolib] formats: DVD vs VHS vs ??

Andrews, Sarah E (sarah-andrews@uiowa.edu)
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:32:38 -0500

We are sort of wavering back and forth. We began purchasing DVDs
whenever possible more than four years ago. However, we found that DVDs
weren't surviving frequent ILL and circulations. And unfortunately, our
patrons still break DVDs in half by ripping them out of the cases.

Some of our collection management librarians are still reluctant to
purchase DVDs from educational suppliers if they are more expensive and
do not offer additional content. We are purchasing DVDs for feature
films, DVDs of educational/documentary films if additional content is
available, and VHS if that is the only format available or if requested
by the user.

We try to purchase DVDs instead of VHS from non-US sources whenever
possible--more of our users have all-region DVD players than PAL vcrs.

Sarah Andrews
Acquisitions Department
University of Iowa Libraries

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