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Bergman, Barbara J wrote:

>I also received the letter from Recorded Books, and I started drafting a
>virtually identical message to you folks on Saturday but didn't get it
>I am bothered by Recorded Books' choice to censor a selection made by
>Film Movement. I took a look at the info on Antares on the Film
>Movement website. They're up front about the sexual content, but it
>also state that the film was Austria's entry for foreign films at this
>year's Oscars. I don't mind if they include a note that mentions that
>viewers should be aware of adult content, which they with an earlier
>selection. (Although I can't imagine hosting a public screening without
>previewing the film, I suppose there are places that might do so...)
>I am writing a letter to both parties, asking that the DVD be shipped
>and that Recorded Books refrain from future censorship.
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>Has anyone who subscribes to the Film Movement series gotten a call from
>Recorded Books about this film? Or a letter suggesting it is "not
>suitable for public viewing, as it contains a scene of graphic sexual
>content that is beyond anything that belongs in a mainstream film." The
>letter claims that once they found out about the film they stopped
>shipping it!
>This has been a nice series of films and I'm concerned about Recorded
>Books' need to censor and filter on my behalf. I can see there might be
>concern about public viewings, but wouldn't a library look at the film
>before showing it in public? And can't I as a professional make that
>decision for the library I work for?
>Any thoughts?

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