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Mary Laskowski (
Mon, 18 Apr 2005 12:12:32 -0500

I received a similar phone call with the same reaction. I indicated to
the rep from Recorded Books that I was uncomfortable with them telling
me that they were in effect censoring the film. I was told that they had
to call to satisfy any possible legal responsibilities, but that what I
decided to do with the film was up to me...

Holly Sammons wrote:

> Has anyone who subscribes to the Film Movement series gotten a call
> from Recorded Books about this film? Or a letter suggesting it is
> "not suitable for public viewing, as it contains a scene of graphic
> sexual content that is beyond anything that belongs in a mainstream
> film." The letter claims that once they found out about the film they
> stopped shipping it!
> This has been a nice series of films and I'm concerned about Recorded
> Books' need to censor and filter on my behalf. I can see there might
> be concern about public viewings, but wouldn't a library look at the
> film before showing it in public? And can't I as a professional make
> that decision for the library I work for?
> Any thoughts?

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