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We circulate our videos/DVDs to students as well as faculty and staff. We also had some initial resistance and many concerns, but it all seems to be working well. It is a service appreciated by the students. But I wouldn't rely on fines to have items always returned promptly.

Because we also schedule all titles for faculty (and student) classroom use, we had to develop an advanced scheduling procedure to accommodate this while circulating the same titles. Faculty/students request titles for specific dates, we pull the items in advance and place on short term room use reserve, and then they are released to the facultystudents for circulation as scheduled.

We circulate videos/DVDs for 7 days with no renewal and a $2 a day overdue fine.

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We are a smallish college, with heavy emphasis on the communication arts and sciences, and a pretty good video collection. It has always circulated only to faculty, for use in classes or for preview, and students have always had to view inhouse. We have very limited viewing facilities, and will be losing one of our classrooms, one of only 3 group viewing spaces, after this term. I would like to start circulating video to students, but there's quite a bit of resistance from administration and faculty--they are worried that tapes won't be available to them when they need them. I feel that instituting a fine system for lates would ensure tapes are back on time.

Do other academic media centers circulate to students? I'd love to hear from those who do, about the pros and cons of doing so. Any tips on managing circulation, limiting late returns, etc. would be great!
Thanks so much! If there's interest (besides me) I'd be happy to summarize for the list,

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